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Studio Skeppa is the passion project of Pieter Desmijter.


Skeppa is the old Germanic word for "to create" and this is  exactly what he does. Studio Skeppa is a hobby gone mad, born from the desire to create and from the urge to work with raw materials.

Pieter has always been interested in designing and creating. He has the ambition to keep experimenting with different kinds of materials and techniques.

In his designs, soft lines meet solid materials and warmth matches with coolness. The end result is a piece that brings all the elements together and lights up the room. The designs are functional and have character at the same time. Pieters mission is to create interior elements that look simple but are clever and detailed.

All of the creations are unique and handmade in Belgium. They reflect the love for craftsmanship and materials. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for contact us for a custom creation.


Together we'll "skepp" something beautiful and unique. 

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